Building Designer Terms

Terms and Conditions Addendum for Shed Designer

By subscribing to our Shed Designer service you are agreeing to our Terms of Service and the following terms and conditions:

  1. This is a digital subscription service provided from our servers for your use. The contract can be terminated at any time at which point the service will stop at the next billing cycle.
  2. As this is a on-line digital service, there are no refunds for service rendered.
  3. If the service is down, you will not be charged during the time the service is unavailable, instead your billing cycle will be extended by the amount of time of any down time.
  4. The service is copyrighted by 3D Fish, no part of the service or related programs may be copied or used in any way without permission.
  5. The shed designer is geo coded (up to 50 miles) to protect your business from outside competitors.
  6. Service may only be used from the locations and websites that are covered under an active subscription. If a subscription is found to be allowing un-authorized use by a third party either on a third party website or a third party sales location, that subscription may be subject to immediate cancellation with no refund.
  7. Each subscribtion includes the ability to price each shed design, there is only one set of pricing data per subscription, all locations under the subscription will have the same pricing data.
  8. Each subscription is under one company name, all locations will be under the company name that the subscription is in, the subscription company name will be printed on all printouts from the subscription along with the address of the closest location to the customer.